Architectural Review

Architectural Guidelines

All of us have the responsibility of becoming familiar with the governing documents of our village.  The first page of the Architectural Guidelines states: “It is the responsibility of each homeowner to request authorization from the Architectural Committee prior to making any exterior alterations to their property.

By doing so, the homeowner is assured that planned changes are in compliance with the ACC Guidelines and applicable SVE CC&R’s.”

EXAMPLE – ACC Guideline 20 states:  “All new or additions to landscaping in either the front or back yards must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Committee.  Homeowners should submit plans showing all vegetation, irrigation, ground cover, landscape elements, yard art and lighting.  Decorative objects in the front yard are discouraged.  It is recommended such objects be placed in the back yards only.”

Before you make changes ...

Our community was established based on a criteria and design. The specifications of these are contained within your CC&R's and the Garden Condo III policies. You received a copy of these when you purchased your unit and you agreed to be bound by them. Copies are available below. Prior to performing modifications on the outside of your home, including items like installing satellite dishes or replacing your heating/AC unit, you are required to get architectural approval. We try and make this process as quick and painless as possible.

Mr. Terry Martin is the head of our Architectural Review committee. He is here to help you complete the nescessary forms required prior to beginning your project and to ensure that it stays within the guidelines set out by the association.

You can reach Terry by calling him at: (701) 220-0869 - BEFORE you begin your project.

Copies of our architectural forms are avilable for download. See below. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND READ THE GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS PDF BEFORE YOU BEGIN ANY WORK.

Architectural Review Forms

General Instructions

GCIII General Instructions

Before you begin - please download and familiarize yourself with this document

Satelite Dish Instructions

TV Satellite Dish

Please don't install your satelite dish on your roof - follow these instructions instead.

Solar Tube and Skylight Instructions

Solar Tube and Skylight

Before you cut a hole in our roof make sure everything is in order.

Screen Door and Security door Instructions

Screens and Security Doors

Screens and Security Doors need to meet our community specs before they are installed.


HVAC Installation

HVAC Installation

Don't have your HVAC system replaced until you read these forms.

Air Turbine Instructions

Air Turbine Installations

Please don't install an Air Turbine on your roof until you read these instructions.

Epoxy Coating Instructions

Epoxy Coating Instructions

Thinking of Epoxy Coating your patio or drive? Make sure to follow these instructions.

Generic Change Instructions

Generic Changes

Use this form for all other changes or modifications to your unit.


Why you need authorization ...

It is the responsibility of each condo owner to request authorization from the Architectural Coordinator prior to making any exterior alterations. A proper building permit from the City of Mesa is required and all work must be completed by a licensed contractor. EXCEPTION: A Condo owner may do his own work, but he must obtain a building permit from the City of Mesa and when completed, all work must be approved by the City of Mesa Inspector. A time limit of 45 days shall be set to have the work completed. The Architectural Control Coordinator has authority to stop all work being performed either by the condo owner or his contractor for which an application has not been approved, or which is deemed unsuitable, undesirable, or in violation of the Condominium Documents, or whenever the unit owner has failed to obtain a City of Mesa building permit where applicable. Architectural Change Forms should be downloaded from the above links and the completed form submitted to the Architectural Chairman for consideration.


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